An Awesome Team Focused On Patients’ Needs

I just wanted to let you know how awesome your Physical Therapy Care & Aquatic Rehab of Fort Bend business is. My first round of therapy was several years ago. My podiatrist wanted to perform surgery on my foot. That meant that I could not put any pressure on it for at least six weeks. I asked if I could try physical therapy first. She seemed doubtful that anything would help. So, I came to your business and was cured within months. To this day, I have not had surgery on my foot and am no longer in any pain.

Then recently I had a re-tear on my rotator cuff which required extensive surgery. I once again came to your business and am getting better every day. What amazes me the most is that all of the employees work together for the betterment of their patients. It starts at the front desk and continues into the therapy area and also the check-out desk on the way out. Everyone knows how to do their job and they all do it very well.

I feel fortunate to have found the best therapy care in my area and will gladly recommend this business to all of my friends.