Doctor Resources

Coordinating and communicating with our patients' doctors is one of our highest priorities at Physical Therapy Care & Aquatic Rehab of Fort Bend. Our clinic takes pride in ensuring that each doctor receives reports in a timely manner for all patient appointments. Our patients have chosen us to join their hand-selected team of healthcare professionals, and we do that with one goal in mind: to work with the other members of the team and return each patient to functional independence.

Our clinic is an independent, therapist-owned, outpatient facility. We thrive on our ability to have the time to truly connect with our patients. Our team of highly trained and experienced professionals prefer to work in an environment which is patient focused. We believe that it is our personal, individualized approach which leads to our high success rates and outstanding patient satisfaction ratings.


  • Excellent patient outcomes
  • High patient satisfaction
  • Convenient and Accessible
  • Two locations
  • Spacious ground-level facilities
  • Plentiful parking within feet of the front door
  • Efficient and flexible scheduling
  • Most insurance plans accepted including commercial, Medicare, and Workers' Compensation
  • "You are a godsend to my daughter's life. I can see a tremendous change in her life since we started therapy."


  • "You have been a SUPER group this time as you have in each of my previous visits. You are truly interested in patients as evidenced by your caring attitude and attention to each and every one."


  • "I have been to quite a few physical therapists in the last 30 years, but you guys and gals are 'THE BEST.'"