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Women Today 2021 | A fulfilling career of helping others

A fulfilling career of helping others

Patti was a 19-year-old college student when she made the decision to become a physical therapist. After graduation, Patti worked for other physical therapy firms for a while. Eventually, she and a coworker decided to open their own company. They opened their first location on Morton Street in Historic Downtown Richmond.

Now, as the sole owner, Patti has grown her practice to include two locations. The company employees 25 full-time and part-time physical therapists and support staff. Listening to the sound of laughter coming from her therapists and their clients reaffirms Patti’s original decision to join such a noble profession.

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Helping To Improve Safety On The Job - A Licensed WorkSTEPS® Provider

Helping To Improve Safety On The Job - A Licensed WorkSTEPS® Provider

  • We are one of the select-few licensed providers for the WorkSTEPS® program in the Greater Houston area.
  • We help companies both large and small assess the ability of potential hires to safely accomplish the tasks of their job.
  • This physical screening is performed after the job has been offered but before hiring.
  • It is legally compliant and has proven an effective tool in reducing Workers' Compensation claims and related costs.

The program measures the physical strength and ability of the potential employee to perform the job safely. An objective physical assessment is performed by a licensed physical therapist. This is followed by a battery of physical tests designed for the potential employee to demonstrate his or her ability and strength to safely perform necessary job functions.

We are passionate about keeping people healthy and so we use this opportunity to enhance safety both at home and on the jobsite by teaching and reinforcing proper body mechanics.

Therapists On A Mission: Laura Thomas Cousar in Guatemala

Therapists On A Mission: Laura Thomas Cousar in Guatemala

May, 2017

Laura Thomas Cousar, PT

While attending church at Sugar Land First United Methodist in 1998 Laura Thomas Cousar first heard about the Christian medical mission group,

"I felt God was calling me and when God calls, you must answer," explained Laura, a physical therapist with Physical Therapy Care & Aquatic Rehab of Fort Bend.

Beginning in 1999 she made her first of nineteen trips to Antigua, Guatemala as a member of the surgical team serving the poorest of the poor in Guatemala.

Guatemala is a country racked with earthquakes and poverty. Faith In Practice focuses on improving the healthcare of the community by sending surgical and medical teams for one week rotations to work with the Guatemalan staff.

"I love this organization," continued Laura. "It is a life-changing mission for our patients as well as our team. It is a six-day work week and every day I walk to work and then put in ten to twelve hours."

"The people there are so genuine and appreciative. It is inspiring that even in the worst of circumstances, they have hope. What we do makes a huge impact and I have found that they teach me what is really important in life."

Patti Kocich, PT

"We have several therapists that travel on missions annually," said Patti Kocich, President of Physical Therapy Care & Aquatic Rehab of Fort Bend, Laura's employer. "They are very special people and we fully support them."

"We also feel that our patients benefit when they return from these inspiring international experiences."

For this mission, Laura will be working at the outpost hospital in Retalhuleu also known as Reu to the locals. She will be working on the wheelchair team and the goal is to fit patients with 100 wheelchairs designed and provided by The wheelchairs, built with PVC pipe and bicycle wheels, are designed to be light, simple and resilient.

"Because these people are so very poor, their disability has forced them to live on the ground," explained Laura. "The only way they can move is if someone carries them, so they stay on the ground. My goal is to get people off the ground. I will be assessing the patients to ensure that they are appropriate for these wheelchairs."

"These wheelchairs will give them independence and mobility which means that they will have access to the world outside."

The excitement shone through as she said, "You see we are the hands and feet of God. He has called us to go to all corners of the earth."

"This is a mission from my heart and Guatemala is my corner of the earth."

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Therapists On A Mission: Bridget Norton, PTA in Colombia

Therapists On A Mission: Bridget Norton, PTA in Colombia

August, 2017

Bridget Norton, PTA

Passion and joy is what you hear in Bridget Norton's voice as she talks about her upcoming mission trip to Bogotá, Colombia.

A long-time employee of Physical Therapy Care & Aquatic Rehab of Fort Bend, this mission, scheduled for the beginning of August, will be her second trip to Colombia and her eighth foreign mission.

"In 1976 I suffered a major accident and that experience led me to become a Physical Therapy Assistant," said Bridget. "I am about patients and I identify with their situation. I want to help them regain their life. I try to treat them as a patient, not a prisoner."

Bridget started going on mission trips for a similar reason - to help others in their lives.

"Missions require sacrifice: for the whole week all you do is serve others," continued Bridget. "However selfishly, I find that I am the one that benefits: It makes me become more connected and realigned."

Bridget has been participating in missions since 1983. "Doing mission work gets under your skin," she explained. "The people you work with are intoxicating and having them by your side gives you courage."

Bridget's other missions include trips to Mexico as well as to far-flung corners of the world such as Cambodia, India and Africa.

Patti Kocich, PT

"Foreign mission trips aren't for everyone," she added. "They take you out of your comfort zone because you eat strange food, sleep in strange places and live as the locals do."

"I chose this mission because it is affordable, close and powerful. The people we serve in Colombia are so relational and engaged. They have time and welcome conversation. They bring their friends to talk with us and they are hungry for knowledge."

Organized by e3Partners, the purpose of this mission is to build the communities of the small Christian churches in Colombia. Other services include distributing teaching basic public health practices, providing bibles in local languages and tools for the local churches.

The mission trips also indirectly benefit the patients here. According to Patti Kocich, President of Physical Therapy Care & Aquatic Rehab of Fort Bend, "We fully support our therapists when they go on these missions. They are kind, caring people who love to serve others."

"Our patients here in Richmond, Katy and Fulshear always reap the reward for these trips since our therapists return renewed, refreshed and enthusiastic about helping them recover."