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Anita D

Anita Diesing, 74, graduates from a walker to walking without assistance at Physical Therapy Care & Aquatics Rehab of Fort Bend after breaking her leg in May 2018. “I can’t thank them enough for what they did to me, for the help they gave me. They gave me my life back.”

‘They never gave up on me’

In May 2018, Anita Diesing hired a handyman to install more flooring in the attic of her Del Webb home.

He wasn’t certain she needed it.

“Mrs. Anita, I don’t think you need more flooring, you have plenty of flooring up here already,” he yelled down to her.

Anita thought better.

“Well, let me come up and see,” she told him.

So Anita climbed the pull-down attic ladder to see for herself.

At some point on her way down, she apparently missed a rung.

“I’m not really sure what happened. All I know is I didn’t just fall down, flew down that ladder,” she recalled. “I landed six feet away from the ladder.”

The fall broke the femur bone in her left leg, the first time she’d ever broken a bone in her 73 years of life.

Doctors told her she would need physical therapy to learn how to walk again.

Anita turned to Physical Therapy Care & Aquatic Rehab of Fort Bend.

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Rated 5/5 based on 267 customer reviews
"I have been under Physical Therapy's Care & Rehab for 3 months after my rotator cuff surgery. I can honestly say that my shoulder is able to move 100% like my non-injured shoulder at this point. We are now working on strengthening the shoulder to help it get to the level I will need to have total restoration for the joint. Above all, the therapist have been kind! They expect me to do my part and during therapy and at home. It takes both to fully recover. The therapists are also very aware of cleaning all of the equipment after patients work out. Masks are required and temperatures are taken each time. I highly recommend this facility and will return should I ever need therapy in the future."
Oct 25, 2020
"First of all, the entire staff at Physical Therapy Care and Aquatic is friendly, courteous, and professional. I fractured my elbow and had 2 plates and 10 screws put into my arm. I chose to go to Physical Therapy Care, even though my surgeon wanted me to go to another facility, because I knew the kind of care they offered and the wonderful reputation they had. Keith and Laura were outstanding helping me with my therapy progress to obtaining my independence in handling everyday tasks. They did not let me down, and I am truly grateful to them. Thank you Keith and Laura"
Oct 22, 2020
"This is my 2nd time to go to PT in several years. I came back again for this reason. Everyone here is educated, happy to help, very interested in my care, and exceptional in making sure you understand what they teach. They are always excited to see you at every visit, and go out of their way to make sure you are improving. Very highly recommended"
Oct 19, 2020
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"The whole process went great. The staff was/is awesome. If I ever need PT again I will ONLY go here."
Aug 17, 2020
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"My experience with this clinic was fantactic. Corinne, Mark, and Janet were great. I had a separated AC joint grade 3. When I started therapy, I couldn't barely move my arm. My flexibility and strength have improved drastically. They were all very supportive and knowledgeable and I enjoyed these sessions. Also, thanks to Monica for ensuring I made all my sessions."
Aug 01, 2020
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"I really like using this facility when my doctor orders physical therapy. It is the people that makes the difference. Sincerely, Belinda Ebert"
Jul 09, 2020
"Great staff!"
Jul 02, 2020
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"Physical Therapy Care & Aquatic Rehab of Fort Bend is by far the number one PT place in Houston. I have been here twice for shoulder injuries and both times they have come out stronger then before. The team here is incredible. They have extensive knowledge and experience that accompanies well with their client centered approach. The team truly cares about getting you back and better to what ever activity level you normally have through assessment checks throughout your time here. The client service here is patient and prompt which helps for speedy appointment changes. I want to thank the head PT's Mark, Corinne, and Tara for their knowledge in helping me return to training. I also want to thank PT techs Quyen and Andrew for assisting me with each exercise and correcting me when needed. Lastly I want to thank Monica who was always friendly and made scheduling and rescheduling a breeze. There is no better place to go and highly recommend this place to anyone searching for a PT place."
Jul 02, 2020
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"I cannot say enough about PT Care & Aquatic Rehab of Ft. Bend. First of all TARA is Awesome!!! I originally came in with which what my MD Diagnosed me as a neck problem which was causing my fingers to be numb. Tara quickly and I mean quickly gave a different diagnosis and then she began to work on me and work with me. She was kind, sweet and focused. I diligently kept coming and sometimes did my at home exercises that she urged me to do. I eventually ended up purchasing "Thera Putty" through Amazon and a stretch band through the facility. Well I am here to tell you that I have almost 100% feeling back in my fingers!!! I know right?? Thank you Tara, Monica, Qyen and everyone else here you guys are absolutely amazing! Praise the Lord!!!"
Jun 25, 2020
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"Not having any type of therapy before, I was not sure what to expect. Scheduling appointments was easy with the help of the friendly office staff. Reminders of the appts were sent via text message and a phone call. Dr. Irfan Khan, Keith Brandt, and Claudia Quantanilla were my therapists. Each one took time to explain exercises and how it will help my injury. Each session was a hour in length and the time was used wisely to help me make progress. I was given a website that showed exercises I could implement at home. Printed pages of exercises were also available. The therapists went out of their way to help me and make me feel comfortable during the covig 19 crisis. I would highly recommend this facility to my friends and family. I truly appreciated their guidance and care!"
Jun 04, 2020
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May 19, 2020
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"My wife broke her hip and spent 7-days in the hospital bed to thicken her blood before surgery. 29-days in Hospital, then 9-Days in Encompass for continued in house Medical and begin OT & PT Therapy. She then came home and began continued therapy at Physical Therapy Care. I am so Impressed at every therapy session when I see the Care my Wife is receiving by Patty's Staff. Every Therapist that has worked with my Wife to help her recover from her surgery and the loss of muscle mass from the long duration of immobility has the epitome of a Doctors oath in the evaluations of patients abilities, monitoring their progress, incorporating Dr Specialists orders therapy changes as other resulting complications have been discovered along the road to recovery. I give Physical therapy clinic the highest of recommendation to anyone who is seeking Rehab Therapy!"
Feb 05, 2020
"Keith is very caring and concerned about your recovery. All the staff I dealt with was good."
Jan 30, 2020
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"I felt very taken care of at this rehab center. The staff was very friendly and helpful when scheduling appointments. The therapists there are very knowledgeable in what they do and make sure that you are doing exercises correctly. Would recommend to anyone looking for a physical therapy place!"
Jan 12, 2020
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"What a wonderful caring staff! That warm salt water pool along with their expertise has changed my life. Thank you."
Nov 26, 2019
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"The therapist here are the best of the best! The care delivered to the patients is one on one, personal and designed to meet your needs. The process here is not about checking the boxes and collecting a fee. It's about helping people feel better where they are now. What a blessing to our community!"
Nov 06, 2019
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"I had never been to physical therapy until this visit. It was such a pleasant and helpful experience. The therapists and technicians were knowledgeable, efficient, and friendly. Moreover, they treated all of us patients with respect. I actually hated to leave. "
Sep 02, 2019
"Excellent staff! Having had physical therapy offered in conjunction with a hospital in the Sugar Land area just a few years ago following surgery, I will definitely choose Physical Therapy Care and Aquatic Rehab of Fort Bend again for additional rehab in the future."
Aug 19, 2019
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"Very friendly and Professional staff. All I worked with were very concerned with my rehabilitation and well being. Would reccomend this place to anyine needing professional physical therapy. Would gladly go again, just hope I dont have to."
Jul 17, 2019
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Jul 11, 2019
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Jun 10, 2019
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Jun 10, 2019
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"Awesome service. I have had multiple breaks and surgeries on the same leg it was really starting to slow my life down. They have helped me gain full confidence back in my leg. Mentally and physically the best I have been since 2011. Awesome staff all are super friendly and helpful."
Jun 01, 2019
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"Therapists are very dedicated and push the patient for the best possible outcome. I would use the same facility again if I needed PT."
Apr 16, 2019
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"I've been going here since February 14, 2019. I had total knee replacement on January 7. I waited about 4 years before having surgery, for bone on bone arthritis. Sierra is usually the physical therapist that works with me. She is amazing. Very knowledgeable. Explains why she needs to do certain things, like massage my knee. Not fun like it sounds, ha! Every week I'm able to do something new. I'm finally walking almost normally, after years of not being able to. (Other knee surgery is this summer). My muscles are so much stronger now. My knees used to buckle and lock on me on a regular basis. It's a rare occasion now, for either knee. My knee that still needs surgery, is benefitting from my PT, also. Everyone that works here is wonderful. I highly recommend them. I have 7 more sessions with Sierra. I'm excited to see where I am at that point."
Mar 21, 2019
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"Professional, caring and competent staff. I would recommend this place to anyone needing physical therapy of any kind. They have all the equipment and people needed for a speedy recovery. Totally enjoyed my experience there."
Jan 31, 2019
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Jan 13, 2019
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"This was an amazing experience! All of the staff was very friendly and encouraging. I received excellent care. Would highly recommend this facility! "
Jan 09, 2019
"Three different surgeries have brought me to PTCare&Aquatic Rehab of Fort Bend in Richmond. I cannot say enough about the physical therapists I had the absolute pleasure to administer my therapy treatments. Keith, Laura, and most recently Becky. They are caring, knowledgeable, and supportive in all ways. They were highly professional, punctual, and have great personalities. I have been so pleased with this facility. Wish I could give more stars!"
Dec 05, 2018
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"I was very pleased with the professionalism and congenial attitudes of the entire staff. They were easy to work with and committed to seeing that the therapy attained prescribed goals supported by empirical data. This was my first experience with aquatic therapy and it is here to stay. I can highly recommend this PT facility. They are not taskmasters but even through my last session they expected me to do each treatment with full concentration and full effort."
Nov 22, 2018
"Very friendly staff. Becky was especially helpful with my therapy after knee replacement surgery."
Nov 15, 2018
"Had knee surgery which required no weight on leg, put me in a wheelchair for 8 weeks. First day I arrived for physical therapy was using a walker for only 2 days. I was truly unsure what my outcome would be. With Becky Peacock's as my main therapist I've regain full bend of knee and back to what I was doing previous to the injury. This is especially true if you do the home exercises to help you get there as you work with your therapist. Excellent care and attention to your needs and very knowledgeable. I HIGHLY recommend her. Thank you Becky!"
Nov 15, 2018
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Oct 22, 2018
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"I have been there twice for different injuries. Always excellent, knowledgable, and friendly therapists and staff. They explain what to do and why it is beneficial. I would recommend them to everyone."
Oct 21, 2018
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"I was diagnosed with Bi-Lateral Achilles Tendinitis and I decided to go the Jackson St location in Richmond for my PT. This was a great place to go to. VERY friendly and professional staff. Sierra, Claudia, Caitlyn, Keith and the assistants were so very helpful to me. They all helped me with my exercises and that I did them right. They gave me advice on everything regarding this injury and were so honest. All around care was superb. The place has very solid quality equipment and is well maintained. I hope I don't get injured again but when I do I'll be heading here for PT. Please check them out. If I could give them a 10 star review I would."
Sep 12, 2018
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"Excellent service."
Sep 06, 2018
"Met some great people working there."
Sep 03, 2018
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"Treatment was professional and courteous. I’ve been for multiple treatments for multiple injuries and was welcomed with a smile every time. It never got boring while I’ve been going for months and I wanna say thank you. If you get a chance to see Patty, Corinne or Mark and the rest of the gang, you’ll be in good hands."
Aug 23, 2018
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"With a knee replacement, I required the employees to have the knowledge to bring me around to a point where I could function on my own, without assistance and pain. Their attention did that and I am grateful for their care. This isn't my first visit with this group. I also had another knee surgery and did my rehab here for that. Again, I received the best of care and should I require further attention I will return and I strongly recommend this group to anyone in the area. "
Aug 22, 2018
"I always looked forward to my therapy appointments. Everyone was so friendly and helpful! I was in a lot off foot pain when I started and in much better shape when I left. They were great at pushing me while still making sure I was not in pain. I appreciate all they did to help me!"
Aug 17, 2018
Aug 09, 2018
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Aug 08, 2018
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"I have received therapy at the Richmond clinic. The staff is very warm and friendly. The atmosphere within the clinic is one of caring and understanding of how to treat the problems. I highly recommend this location and enjoy working with the staff in my rehab."
Aug 08, 2018
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"The prople are friendly, caring professionals. I have been in therapy for both knees and my back and I have been in the wellness program. I would not consider going somewhere else."
Aug 01, 2018
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"My son has been going to therapy to the Richmond location once a week for the past few months and I’ve seen so much improvement thanks to the PTs there.! The staff there is super friendly and they’re all very patient."
Jul 29, 2018
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"Great place to go for physical therapy. Staff is very friendly and caring. Scheduling was very flexible and easy to to find times that worked with my schedule. Would recommend this place to anyone looking for physical therapy"
Jul 27, 2018
"Staff made this experience very enjoyable and were very considerate whenever they sensed I might need a break."
Jul 27, 2018
"Caring and very friendly staff."
Jul 27, 2018
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"Wonderful caring physical therapist that actually care about your well being rather than you being just a number "
Jul 26, 2018
"Highly recommend physical therapy care of fort bend. Claudia, Irfan and Marlene are wonderful. I give them 5 stars hands down."
Jul 25, 2018
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"The staff was very friendly, welcoming, and explained the exercises well. The facility was well maintained and very clean."
Jul 25, 2018
"I chose Physical Therapy to heal a tear at L-4, rather than injection or surgery. After 12 treatments I definitely see improvement. It will take time for complete healing, but I now know how to proceed with my recovery. The care at this facility was better than I could have dreamed...so much personal attention. All the staff was friendly and helpful. I recommend this facility very highly."
Jul 25, 2018
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"We've been coming to PT Care for 6 years. John therapist is Marlene King. I've never been so pleased with anyone's care of being caring yet pushing him to be the best that he can be. I totally appreciate all the Marlene, does to keep John grounded. Her philosophy is can't isn't any option under her leadership. I so love that God has placed her in our lives and his dedication and hard work is apart of her passion to see him be the best person, we know he can be. Thank you and we truly love you Mrs. Marlene for your dedication. #TeamHutton"
Jul 23, 2018
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"Very good variety of modalities. The facility is clean, the staff is very friendly. And above all, the therapy was VERY effective!"
Jul 23, 2018
"Front office staff is friendly and very helpful. The therapists and PT Techs are professional, engaging with their patients and knowledgeable. Laura C. is the absolute best. She listens, explains and is a most pleasant person to work with!"
Jul 23, 2018
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"We have been using PT care for all of our family needs. It is an excellent place for children and adults. The therapists do a wonderful job getting to know you and working at your comfort level. It’s also great to be able to utilize the pool to give a different perspective on physical therapy."
Jul 21, 2018
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"My daughter has been coming here for over a year. Therapists and front desk are all great!"
Jul 20, 2018
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"Friend's recommendation prompted my choice of this facility. I have been very pleased and have seen great progress. They are always prompt and work diligently with you the entire hour."
Jul 20, 2018
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"I have a grand nephew who I drop off twice a week. He just turned 1 year old last month and is well beyond where he should be. Very nice staff."
Jul 19, 2018
"The staff is always very friendly and professional. They always have patience and and are knowledgeable about your treatment. Highly recommended! "
Jul 18, 2018
"These people are the best! I went to the Richmond office. The facility is neat and clean, which matters to me. They are organized and don’t waste any time. There is also no waiting. They take you at your appointment time. There are no shortage of therapists and assistants to serve everyone. I highly recommend them."
Jul 18, 2018
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"The physical therapists here a VERY friendly and helpful. I started out with a torn pcl and six weeks later 3 sessions a week and I’m back to playing sports with a healthy knee.👍"
Jul 18, 2018
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"My moms physical therapy experience through 4 surgeries was incredible. They are very attentive, supportive and make you feel like family there!"
Jul 16, 2018
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"The physical therapy experience has been great"
Jul 16, 2018
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Jul 16, 2018
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"A very clean facility, therapist made me feel comfortable, safe with the exercises, and focused on me as a client."
Jul 13, 2018
"THERAPISTS are all excellent ,so glad I had my therapy there!"
Jul 13, 2018
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"This location has the best personnel. The staff is so amazing and always looking for new ways to help you get your normal life back in order. Christy at the front desk has the most amazing personality and is always giving the extra mile to accommodate your schedule. Colin the PT has such a bubbly personality that you walk out in such a great mode. She has helped me progress from such a low place and I’m forever grateful to the whole staff who helped me get where I am today. The cleanliness is also a plus coming from a neat freak."
Jul 12, 2018
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"My experience at PT Care was great! Post surgery, my goal was to regain strength and flexibility. The therapists worked with me to reach my goals. The staff is friendly and professional."
Jul 12, 2018
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"Great experience. EVERYONE was great. Thank you"
Jul 09, 2018
"I have been very pleased with this facility. The staff is very friendly and knowledgable. They closely monitor the exercises and are very helpful and informative. They provide exercises at home also. The hours are excellent, even for working people."
Jul 06, 2018
"I was so impressed with the quality of care at Physical Therapy Care when I had two frozen shoulders several years ago that I decided to make the drive from Sugar Land out to Richmond for therapy after a knee replacement. The therapists and assistants give you a full hour of exceptional physical therapy. There's no standing around waiting for someone to come back to you between exercises (like at another facility where I received physical therapy). Scheduling is easy and I appreciate the reminders for appointments. Laura Cousar and all of the therapists are top notch. They are pleasant, caring, and extremely helpful. I actually looked forward to going to physical therapy. I give them my highest recommendation without reservation. I will be back when I get my next knee replaced."
Jul 03, 2018
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"This group is awesome. Best PT ever and my husband has made great progress. Everyone is so attentive and strives to help him get better. On a scale of 1 to 10 they are a 12. "
Jun 28, 2018
"Everyone was incredibly kind and I felt like all of my concerns were heard and addressed."
Jun 28, 2018
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"5Star rating is what Physical Therapy Care & Aquatic Rehab of FortBend in Richmond, Texas is and nothing less, unless it's an A+. From the Receptionist, Physical Therapist & Physical Therapist Assistant they are the best "All". I had 6 weeks 2x's a week of therapy on my left rotator cuff going in with very little range and motion and lots of pain but now I have full range and motion and I feel great. Thanks to my Physical Therapist "Sierra" along side of her was "Claudia" they were AwEsOmE!!! By the Grace of GoD and their therapy it was all worth the drive in spite of the 59 construction and road changes and confusion, I highly recommend their services to anyone that need therapy and want to recover. If I had to do it again I would choose their services without any hesitation. If you want to get better make a better choice by choosing " Physical Therapy Care & Aquatic Rehab of Fort Bend in Richmond Texas. #5 StAr the best!!!"
Jun 22, 2018
Jun 22, 2018
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"When it comes to physical therapy I believe this establishment deserves more than 5 stars. They really take things to slow and at your own pace and pain level. Being active as I am with everything, I really believe that I couldn't ask more of a facility than this one. Plus this facility has an aquatic pool to work on! I would recommend this to anyone!!!! ♡"
Jun 22, 2018
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"All the staff at PT Care are great! They are professional, knowledgeable & very caring. I loved the fact they were always on time. I will use them again next time I need PT."
Jun 21, 2018
"I have received the most excellent care at this facility. The staff treated me with skill and dedication. I would highly recommend this business."
Jun 21, 2018
"The entire staff is friendly, professional and caring. I was treated like an individual and not another number. Each exercise was tailored to my need. Therapists were knowledgeable and up to date in their techniques. Explanations were thorough. This place is upbeat and actually makes therapy fun!"
Jun 21, 2018
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"Everyone was amazing, the therapy sessions got me back to work quickly. "
Jun 20, 2018
"Thorough PT, lots of options for therapy including aquatics."
Jun 20, 2018
"Professional care with a personal touch is the perfect mission statement for Physical Therapy Care. This is exactly what they deliver with each of my visits. I would definitely recommend this facility to anyone needing physical therapy. Thank you Laura, Keith, Mary, Alicia, and Danielle. Your awesome!"
Jun 19, 2018
"Excellent care and a well trained staff. I would definitely chose this place again."
Jun 15, 2018
"The staff was very friendly and helpful. The therapist kept you informed about the procedures which would result in a speedy recovery. Had a very pleasant experience. "
Jun 13, 2018
Jun 13, 2018
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"I had a great experience at Physical Therapy and Aquatic Rehab of Fort Bend. They helped me recover from surgery and get back to top shape. They were very kind and genuine in their care and they truly seemed dedicated to helping me recover."
Jun 11, 2018
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"It was great! They really helped me with my knee and all my pain is gone. I would totally come back and would tell my friends about them!"
Jun 01, 2018
May 30, 2018
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"My agility and balance improved. The therapists were comforting during all session and helped with breathing patterns to reduce feeling light headed."
May 30, 2018
"Friendly staff, I was well taken care of. The facility was always clean and well maintained. The staff made it easy to feel comfortable with stating issues pertaining to pain and the staff was very informative."
May 24, 2018
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"All of the physical therapy was so carefully designed for me. Additionally, the education from each of the therapists about the 'how to' and 'how not to' use my body while performing the different machines, exercises in the pool and on land and living everyday life is absolutely priceless. "
May 17, 2018
May 16, 2018
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"I received wonderful care and my knee feels better and stronger. All the staff was kind, compassionate and fun."
May 16, 2018
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"I would tell my friend about this physical therapy. All the employees are very good and friendly with every lady. Thank you."
May 14, 2018
"Very informative and personable."
May 14, 2018
"I really liked the one on one help as I was sure that I was doing the exercises correctly. The staff was very friendly but also professional. I feel as if I have made a lot of progress and I was also given a program to try on my own at the gym and at home."
May 03, 2018
May 03, 2018
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"Five Stars!"
May 02, 2018
"Patti's PT team are awesome! I'd recommend them to anyone! Thanks to: Irfan, Keith and Claudia! And to all other staff. "
Apr 30, 2018
"i received the very best of care and personal attention."
Apr 30, 2018
"Great services and friendly staff, loved all my sessions here!! really recommend it!!"
Apr 30, 2018
From Google
"The staff was receptive, eager to help me, and right on target with their diagnosis. They were always courteous and friendly. It is like a family atmosphere and very caring environment."
Apr 30, 2018
From Google
"Thought this was going to be a nightmare and turned out to be a place I looked forward to going each week!! Staff was friendly and caring! Worked with several different staff members, but all seemed to know my case!! Going back when I get second knee done!!"
Apr 28, 2018
From Google
"Everyone was perfect! They explained everything very well and were very patient. I would highly recommend to anyone!"
Apr 27, 2018
"Physical therapy helped me achieve my goal of not hurting anymore & being able to workout again. Everyone was very friendly & always so positive. I will actually miss seeing all these faces every week. Really enjoyed Corinne! Thank you!!"
Apr 26, 2018
"Everyone is very friendly and encouraging. They want the best for their patients."
Apr 25, 2018
"This facility is absolutely wonderful. The location is easily accessible. The facility is clean and the staff is warm and caring. The equipment is top notch and the office staff keeps everything running smoothly. The therapists are extremely knowledgeable and work hard to make sure the goals that you have set are met. The gym is a good size and has all the needed equipment. There is also a pool for water therapy that is absolutely fabulous. The water is kept warm and the exercises are so beneficial done in the water. Facilities for changing into and out of water wear are nice and clean. I would absolutely come back to this facility. "
Apr 23, 2018
"This facility is one of the best I have been part of, to help me with my neck problems. All of the staff is patient and cares about your well being. After all of therapy I was provided, allowed me to get back to my normal routines of everyday life. I would recommend this facility to family and friends. "
Apr 18, 2018
"I loved my experience! The staff was super helpful and encouraging. It was like the sitcom Cheers, everyone knows your name and knows you personally. I'm kinda sad my time here is over because I really feel like the entire staff is like family!"
Apr 17, 2018
"The staff are exceptional! They are very knowledgeable in their field of expertise. Mark and Corinne are great! "
Apr 11, 2018
"Well stocked w/ machines & aides, excellent therapists"
Apr 10, 2018
"Great experience with knowledgeable staff."
Mar 29, 2018
From Google
"Everyone I worked with here was exceptional. I am able to do more physically than when I started therapy. The office staff was also fantastic. I have nothing but good things to say about this place."
Mar 29, 2018
From Google
"This is a great place. They never stop trying to find the best solution for all your problems. Wonderful people that I would be very happy to see again. I recommend this clinic for anyone who needs physical therapy treament. I don't think you could find anyone better!"
Mar 27, 2018
From Google
"Great, friendly and helpful staff. Feeling a lot better . Thanks for the encouragement to keep going."
Mar 26, 2018
From Google
"I had a full knee replacement. The third day after surgery I started physical therapy. I did therapy three days a week for two months. The employees were constantly wiping things clean. The therapy I received was outstanding. All the different therapist that I had contact with were very skilled and knowledgeable. The atmosphere was very pleasant. I saw quite a few people that I knew there receiving treatment. The employees were always very nice. I would recommend this facility to all my friends. "
Mar 25, 2018
"Great physical therapy facility, Staff is fantastic; friendly and professional. I've already recommended them to my friends and family."
Mar 23, 2018
"It was a great experience from a shifted vertebrae in my lower spine. I have had 3 months of water therapy. I had several different therapists during this time. All of them were great, I made great progress from their instructions."
Mar 16, 2018
"Everyone was very professional with care. Excellent team support from start to finish. I was welled pleased with staff support. Thanks to everyone."
Mar 07, 2018
"When I first came here they made me feel comfortable. They listened to my concerns and asked a lot of questions to get better informed of my injury. I have been going here for 4 months and have improved 100% better. I would recommend Physical Therapy Care to anyone who has an injury. "
Mar 02, 2018
Mar 01, 2018
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"Everybody was so kind. If I need therapy again, this would again be my home. Sierra was my therapist 95% of the time but Sonja, and Marlene did great too. Then there is Mary and Ashley they were great helpers. Appreciated Alicia and Danielle at the front desk and Keith for the referral to Dr. Nolan who is very nice. We are from Minnesota so this Texas experience was memorable in a good way!!! Thank you for everything, I've graduated."
Feb 27, 2018
"Excellent experience with a professional, caring staff!"
Feb 26, 2018
"The therapists are very competent, nice, and patient. Facility was clean. "
Feb 26, 2018
"Everything about this place is amazing! Everyone is so nice and are very much focused on getting you better."
Feb 23, 2018
"Talented, caring professionals who personalize your experience using strategies and techniques that truly promote healing and increase strength and mobility."
Feb 23, 2018
From Google
"Definitely recommend this place. Awesome therapy. "
Feb 22, 2018
"My son broke his arm at the elbow, so we had to come to therapy...but everyone here made us feel welcomed and they worked hard to get him back to where he was prior to his surgery. You can tell that everyone here cares for the patients! Thank you!!!💕💕"
Feb 20, 2018
From Google
"Competent staff who make you feel that they really care about your needs. They were well prepared to handle my rehabilitation. Would recommend this clinic."
Feb 19, 2018
"I highly recommend PTC. The therapists are very knowledgeable and friendly. You also receive plenty of personal attention by your therapist here. They are truly interested in seeing that your injury improves. "
Feb 15, 2018
"Great staff! I would recommend this place to anyone needing physical therapy."
Feb 14, 2018
From Google
"Very professional and caring."
Feb 13, 2018
"Corinne was incredible! She was interpersonal, sensitive, and understood what I was dealing with and what I needed. With Corinne I didn't feel I was just being put through exercises for an hour, exercises I could do at home. With Corinne I felt I got personal care. With Corinne I felt I made progress each session. The facility is super clean. Christy at the front desk is so easy to work with in scheduling and handling questions regarding insurance and payments. This is the first physical therapy facility that I felt I wasn't just put through the motions, but was actually working towards goals and accomplishing them. I denied physical therapy before surgery because of previous experiences. This place has renewed my hope in physical therapy services. I have found a physical therapist that works."
Feb 09, 2018
"This facility was very friendly and very helpful. All the staff were very outgoing and knowledgeable. I actually looked forward to to coming for my therapy sessions. The staff was fun and made the hour go by very fast."
Feb 09, 2018
Feb 09, 2018
From Google
"Excellent care. The therapists are knowledgeable and caring. Their treatment is very effective."
Feb 08, 2018
"This is a great facility. The entire staff is wonderful to work with. Their enthusiasm and encouragement throughout my entire time really helped in my recovery."
Feb 08, 2018
"Excellent care. The lead herapist was very knowledgeable about my shoulder condition and was able to get to the root cause. The therapy exercises were effective and specifically tailored for me. I h entire staff is caring amd knowledgeable. The facilities are also excellent."
Feb 08, 2018
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Feb 05, 2018
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Feb 03, 2018
From Google
"Each therapist there was better than the one before, and I think I rotated thru the whole roster of them! Excellent experience overall, and if I ever need physical therapy again, I would definitely choose this same facility."
Jan 31, 2018
From Google
"Got work done"
Jan 30, 2018
"I was impressed with the therapy. Not optimistic about a cure. All the therapists are great. I feel great now. Sleep better. They gave me a list of exercises to continue at home. I bought the rope and a stretchy for working at home. I would highly recommend this facility. Nice and clean. LOVE aqua-.therapy."
Jan 15, 2018
"The therapists are very knowledgeable, professional, empathetic, and fun to be around. I have had therapy at this facility other times for other problems. They are hands-down excellent people to care for you and make you get back to your normal activity level. The facility is clean, well organized, and just what you would expect for a good healing atmosphere. The office staff is cheerful and very accommodating even when I called several times to reschedule. If you need therapy, I recommend this facility and particularly these people as number one."
Jan 12, 2018
"Great people, good expertise, and good facilities. Good at explaining the healing process and the expectations of exercises. Friendly people. "
Jan 10, 2018
"thanks to the staff for a great pt experience, the staff really were competent and made my rehab go much faster than I thought. "
Jan 10, 2018
"i was well taken care of the whole time. i was given a full description of all excercises and trearment. the whole staff is well trained and very caring about your recovery. i am very pleased with the progress and all the help they provided me."
Jan 05, 2018
"Great personalized care with relentless desire to meet agreed goals."
Jan 03, 2018
From Google
"Excellent facility and staff, I would recommend to all!!! I appreciate all the help."
Dec 28, 2017
Dec 28, 2017
From Google
"The office staff and therapists were very caring and service was always excellent"
Dec 27, 2017
"I have been through physical therapy earlier. This place is much more spacious and well organized and has state of art equipment. Though what really separates it, is the individual attention provided by the therapists. They addressed all issues related to my cervical disk replacement surgery and designed exercises to fit my daily routine. I certainly would recommend it !"
Dec 26, 2017
From Google
"They done good"
Dec 21, 2017
"The service here is like no other. They are super kind, thoughtful, and caring. Coming to therapy every day was easy because of them. Everyone makes me laugh and makes me feel cared for. "
Dec 18, 2017
"Everyone here was wonderful in working with me. They were patient with me, listened to me, and explained things to me. If I ever need physical therapy again I won't hesitate to come back here. And I am walking out of here with no pain!"
Dec 15, 2017
"Everything was great! Feeling a whole lot better."
Dec 14, 2017
"This group has earned my highest recommendation based on my complete and total recovery from three different health problems over the past two years. Management, office interface, and therapy have been superb. The planning, therapy, training and professional guidance have prepared me for future self-care. Thank you, one and all for the exceptional care received."
Dec 02, 2017
"Irfan was great"
Nov 30, 2017
"most helpful and patient group of people. I improved in every way with their help."
Nov 30, 2017
"Great experience."
Nov 29, 2017
"I am so happy to find such a great aqua therapy facility near my home. Everyone here are exceptionally nice, attentive and have great knowledge in doing their job. I wasn't able to stay as long as I needed, but I still had some improvements. I will return after surgery."
Nov 29, 2017
"Great people enjoyed working with the entire staff. I would highly recommend to others.i"
Nov 28, 2017
"Thank you so much for the service and care provided -professional with kindness."
Nov 28, 2017
"I had a good experience with physical therapy."
Nov 28, 2017
"Excellent professional staff whose knowledge was fantastic. Exceptional communication with myself and the patients around me. Very friendly with everyone."
Nov 27, 2017
"Outstanding technique of pushing me without being overly aggressive."
Nov 22, 2017
"A great crew of caring people - enjoyed all. They were all on the same page. Always in a great frame of mind. I'll miss you all. Thanks big time."
Nov 22, 2017
"Patty was an excellent therapist! My shoulder is much improved and with the continued exercises she provided for home use I expect a full recovery. I would recommend Patty and this facility. They really care about their patients."
Nov 15, 2017
"Stephanie diagnosed the problem accurately and noted which exercises/ treatments worked the best and concentrated on them. Feel 100% again."
Nov 14, 2017
"I completed therapy on my hip. I've avoided therapy for 4 years thinking it would heal on its own. Physical therapy has definitely helped my hip and its range of motion. Thanks to the staff at Physical Therapy Care & Aquatic Rehab for all their work. I appreciate it."
Nov 10, 2017
"I have been in and out of physical therapy for the past 13 years and moved from San Antonio to Houston area 4 years. I had a PT that I loved working with in San Antonio that gave me my life back through his expertise. Although, I didn't want to lose him and his clinic, I think I have now found one that will provide the same level of expertise, family-friendly atmosphere and caring environment. I will highly recommend this PT clinic to anyone that asks me. I have thoroughly enjoyed the staff...from the therapists to the technicians to the front desk. Everyone is very nice, accommodating and professional. I had a new treatment provided here as well...dry needling. Although it is not the most comfortable treatment...it is ABSOLUTELY something that has helped relieve 40 years of muscle tension, knots and tightness. Even my regular massage therapist commented after treating me for 4 years, that she had never felt my muscles that relaxed. This is a stellar outfit...highly recommend this PT clinic to those in need."
Nov 10, 2017
"5 star"
Nov 10, 2017
"I came not really believing that PT would help. I was beyond surprised. Within the fist couple sessions, I could feel the difference. Staff is great, I would recommend this facility, this team to anyone."
Nov 06, 2017
"I have underestimated Physical Therapy effectiveness until my experience with Physical Therapy Care & Aquatic Rehab of Fort Bend. Because of their determined efforts I feel whole again."
Nov 02, 2017
"As always the care I have received is first class Everyone treats me professionally, is very competent and caring. Have always had a great experience with my PT and would recommend Fort Bend Physical Therapy highly"
Nov 01, 2017
"Worked with my foot to relieve pain. Therapist are all very kind and considerate."
Oct 31, 2017
"Enjoyed the availability of various therapists with their own specific/favorite exercises to add to program and make it more theraputic experience. Thanks a bunch"
Oct 26, 2017
"I enjoyed my pt. It was great. I feel so much better."
Oct 23, 2017
"Well informed and friendly staff. Provided an excellent program to progress through my knee replacement therapy."
Oct 20, 2017
"Great staff, very attentive to setting up individual work outs and stretches to match your goals and your pain levels post surgery. Ready to get back on my feet now and back at karate thanks to this team!"
Oct 13, 2017
"We loved our experience here. All the staff are experts at what they do and clearly care about their patient's well being and progress. Thank you so much everyone! Irene, Maya, and Leah"
Oct 03, 2017
"every person in the facility was kind and courteous. therapist explained the problem and the reason for each exercise. the intensity increased with time and i gained strength,which got me back to where i needed to be. Thanks again to the whole team!!!"
Sep 28, 2017
"Today was my final session with therapy. I really hated for it to come to an end because I have gained so much help with my hip and back problem. All the therapists were excellent and very knowledgeable, explaining every exercise and gently encouraging me "keep on going"! If I needed therapy in the future I know where I would seek help and where I would refer my family and friends. Thanks to each and every one of them for their help and kindness."
Sep 26, 2017
"I came in weak, in pain and really discouraged. The staff worked with me on every aspect and I improved remarkably. The staff was knowledgable and encouraging. They knew exactly what I needed and worked with me in a friendly, caring way. I would highly recommend them to everyone."
Sep 22, 2017
"I have just finished nine sessions of therapy, on my left knee under the careful guidance of Stephanie and Keith. They each did a good job and my knee is feeling very good."
Sep 21, 2017
"Had a great experience. Everyone was knowledgable and caring. Therapists had a great rapport with their clients and I was treated professionally and in a very friendly manor. I would recommend this facility to anyone in need of physical therapy."
Sep 14, 2017
"everyone was very knowledgable and friendly. I will glady reccomend this facility to all of my friends who may benefit from it. thank you to all of the therapist who worked with me."
Aug 22, 2017
"Very nice staff, that shows you how to do and complete your exercises, while making sure you are comfortable while doing them. Very easy to schedule and re-schedule appointments. Enjoyed me rehab."
Aug 18, 2017
"My first experience with physical therapy was very positive. Wonderful, compassionate staff. Excellent explanations with each new exercise."
Aug 17, 2017
"Wonderful staff that will get you from broke to healed in no time."
Aug 17, 2017
"I arrived with severe lower back pain. Wearing a back brace just to do normal daily activities. On my 1st visit, physical therapist knew exactly what she need to do to help reduce my pain. It was amazing as I was able to walk normally. Over the weeks with doing the exercises at home and during PT sessions I've recovered to the point I'm able to get back to my normal life activities. THANK YOU!"
Aug 14, 2017
"I just completed therapy on my back for some herniated disks. I received excellent care from start to finish. At the initial evaluation I was given some exercises to start on at home before my official therapy began, and from the start of my therapy I was treated with respect and given clear communication. They do an excellent job keeping the facility clean and sanitary, and all of the therapists and office staff have great personalities and awesome interaction. I actually came to look forward to coming in order to see them. I highly recommend this place."
Aug 11, 2017
"Patti and her team are awesome. She and her team have helped me numerous times during the last 35 years. If you need wonderful care, call Physical Therapy Care."
Aug 07, 2017
"Came in in lots of pain--left feeling pretty much pain free and knowing that I must continue to exercise to maintain the quality of life that I expect. Wonderful and caring people. Very easy to work with and they listen to you."
Aug 07, 2017
"I recently completed therapy for rotator cuff surgery. Staff was very friendly and kept me informed about my treatment. I enjoyed coming each week and have made tremendous progress with their help."
Aug 03, 2017
"Therapy here was professional and caring. Each time I left, I felt positive and uplifted."
Aug 01, 2017
"I have enjoyed working with the therapist here at Fort Bend Therapy. I feel much better and plan to join their wellness program and continue to work on water therapy."
Aug 01, 2017
"The owner,therapists and office staff are just FANTASTIC!!!!. Everyone is pleasant, professional and extremely knowledgeable. They made a difficult time for me enjoyable and fun. The mobility in my shoulder has improved 200 percent. I highly recommend Patti and her staff to every one."
Jul 28, 2017
"Professional staff that cares about you success in Physical Therapy. I have been a patient times. Each time I have had a successful, positive experience. Physical therapist are the BEST!"
Jul 25, 2017
"Just completed 4 weeks of prehab to prepare for surgery next year on my knee. Would recommend them to everyone that needs prehab or rehab. They worked with me to strengthen my knee and the muscles that directly help with movement. They work as a team and everything about the office is seamless."
Jul 19, 2017
"I am a repeat customer (4 times) for different reasons. My therapy has always been successful. The care of the therapist and attention to detail is amazing. Someone is always observing and teaching how to do the exercises in the correct manner. Their encouragement and positive manner makes you know you will get better. I have referred several friends and neighbors and their experience has always positive."
Jul 18, 2017
"very positive from everyone that i worked with! all the thearapist are very knowagable and professional in their instructions! They make work fun! I always encourage people to use this facility! Way to go staff !!!!!!!!!FIVE STARS for ya'll"
Jul 06, 2017
"Every visit was pleasant and professional. I looked forward to every visit!"
Jul 05, 2017
"Outstanding experience! Back problems have significantly improved with the guidance of Physical Therapy Care. The therapists are incredibly attentive and responsive to feedback about how my back was feeling, and they made adjustments to the stretches and exercises as therapy progressed. Everyone was wonderful from scheduling to the PTs I worked with. I enthusiastically recommend Physical Therapy Care!"
Jul 05, 2017
"AWESOME! I have improved my strength and stamina more then I thought possible in 5 weeks! ALL the PT and PTA's all work like they enjoy their jobs and their patients! I have been to many therapy facilities and NEVER experienced this level of dedication! Thanks to ALL of you!!!!!"
Jun 29, 2017
"Everyone that helped me was very helpful and attentive. I would come back here for any therapy if needed."
Jun 27, 2017
"Stephanie and the pt team are the best. This is the 2nd time in 5 years they have fixed my back. Thanks"
Jun 21, 2017
"I have always been able to rehab myself after ALL my surgeries. But now that I'm older and did NOT want to over due it. I felt I needed to go to Therapy, and Patty & STAFF have ALWAYS done a fabulous job with my rehabs. I would NEVER think of going to any other Physical Therapy center. The staff cares, and only wants the BEST for their patients. My hats off to Patty and the ENTIRE STAFF!!!!!!!!"
Jun 20, 2017
"This is the 2nd time I have been to this clinic, the first time was 2011 for left knee replacement and now 2017 for the right knee replacement. Both experiences have been great. Patti has one of the best teams around. Patience, courteous, encouraging, positive, caring are a few of the words I can think of. Also knowledgeable...any questions I have they have great answers and or solutions for. I have had many different ladies assist me, not the same one, and all have been equally knowledgeable and solve my issues. And only one man Keith which has both times help me reach my goal of healing. Thank you for having such an awesome clinic and great team."
Jun 15, 2017
"I have used this place for my physical therapy care for over 20 years. The service is professional with a personal touch. Each therapist that I have worked with has always taken the time to understand just what it is that I have had trouble with and adjusted the therapy accordingly enabling a complete and full recovery. In my latest trip when nothing else worked the therapist tried a new technique called dry needle on me something new but it was the magic that helped put me back together. So yes they will go to great lengths to help you recover. And did I tell you the place is so full of friendly professionals that you almost feel sad to leave it when you are done."
Jun 13, 2017
"I loved being treated by the group. This is a first rate Physical Therapy group. I hope I never have to undergo physiotherapy again, but if I do I will definitely use this facility. My wife Sheila Dubey has undergone therapy at this place and she thinks just as highly as I do about the quality of service rendered by this group. I wish the very best and keep up the good work!.LOVE YOU ALL."
Jun 08, 2017
"Work hard to make you feel better."
Jun 05, 2017
"I have recently had two sessions of water therapy. I'm presently recovering from back surgery. I will probably see you again in a few weeks."
May 26, 2017
"What a difference this team makes in everyday life! Excellent advice and helpful exercises that improve functionality. My quality of life is vastly improved thanks to their care!"
May 25, 2017
"I love my Physical therapy group. Everyone here are professional, kind and knowledgeable. I have to classify them as Doctors! The facility is clean having all the equipment you may need for your therapy including a pool for water therapy."
May 25, 2017
"Stephanie was great. I would recommend her to anyone. My body has improved so much. The whole team here at P.T. is excellent. Thank you so much for the help and the wonderful care. Sue"
May 18, 2017
"the physical therapy group here is awesome,very professional,very caring and understanding,they have worked with me and made me much better so I can continue working,I recommend them highly! I appreciate everyone here! Thanks again!"
May 11, 2017
"Having just completed therapy for my lower back, post three surgeries, I am in a much better place with strength and mobility. I feel like I have my life back. I am an ex extreme athlete, now 51 years old. I have endured 15 surgeries in 12 years, and before coming here, my body was wrecked. I no longer do extreme sports, but, for the first time in many years, I feel stronger and more flexible. Kuddos to the complete staff for their professional attitude and work ethic. I will continue my exercises at home, and I will be back after my neck surgery."
May 08, 2017
"The staff was very professional and very quickly brought relief for upper back/neck pain."
May 05, 2017
"The teraphy was good, I loved Stefany, Katie and Janet is the best. Mark was thinking he was funny making a not appropiate coment about my foot (I had bunion surgery), he looks to my foor and I told him I have an appoitnment tomorrow and he told me to cut off ?, refering my foot, I told him not yours. Also he pulled my head twicw , I do not like it, the sensation is no good. Everything else, good staff. I do not have the tingling sensation any more. Sometimes a little sore, but It is better. Thanks."
May 04, 2017
"people very knowledgable, very helpful. would recommend coming to this facility. everyone very freiendly"
May 04, 2017
"Every member of the staff that I worked with was very knowledgeable and helped me a great deal. Each time I feel like I left stronger than I came in,"
May 04, 2017
"Very nice staff, they make you feel at ease. The therapist, Stephanie, and Keith gave me great support, and advice on how to get better on my own. I'm very satisfied with the staff on what they taught me.Thank you Mrs. Stephanie, and Keith for all of your support, and patience with me."
May 03, 2017
"I just completed my therapy for lower back pain due to a fracture. I have enjoyed the whole process and feel so much stronger. I felt well taken care of during the whole process. Thank you all for making me better. Wonderful and knowledgeable therapists."
May 02, 2017
"When I first arrived I couldn't complete a sit-up my back was so intense after about six months of working with Mrs.Marlene and Mrs.Patti (the owner) I'm not only able to do a sit-up but I'm also able to play soccer again. I loved my experience with all the friendly therapist and staff."
May 02, 2017
"The staff is awesome and very concerned with your progress. My back is so much stronger with the therapy. I am doing home exercises with great success i would recommend them to anyone needing therapy I had therapy at another therapy location with little help. All the therapists are awesome. Thanks for helping me get better."
May 01, 2017
"The increase in my range of motion without pain is amazing! The staff here is friendly, and provide excellent personal attention. I was examined by the PT every visit, not just led through exercises that I could have done at home."
Apr 27, 2017
"I had a very good teacher"
Apr 27, 2017
"absolutely wonderful!from christy garcia to my therapist, katie garcia, the exerience was so helpful and theraputic! felt good all around. very professional, yet caring. thank you so for assisting and helping me! I love physcial therapy!"
Apr 25, 2017
"My Mom completed about 4 weeks of water exercises and then 4 more weeks combination of water and land exercise. We were very happy with the therapists. They were very knowledgeable and encouraging. The exercises have made her stronger and better balanced. Also the exercise has put her in a better mood or mental disposition. Stephanie planned out her exercises and worked with Mom in the pool and gym. Also, Keith worked with Mom in the water and was very nice and helpful. They also gave her exercises to do at home. Overall it's been a great exprerience and well worth the time. The ladies in the office are very nice and helpful with scheduling too."
Apr 24, 2017
"I came to physical therapy for help with my advanced hip arthritis and then post hip replacement surgery. I have nothing but positive things to say about my experience here. All of the therapists have been extremely knowledgeable, helpful and thorough. I am sure I would not be doing as well as I am without their assistance! They have helped me tremendously and I can now look forward to a bright, active future. I would not hesitate to recommend this facility/staff to anyone."
Apr 21, 2017
"had a great experience, the quality of service was great. the rehab process and all questions i had about my injury were answered with detail and care."
Apr 20, 2017
"I came with little expectation that therapy would help my hip pain. I was wrong! I have better range of motion and definitely can see a difference in every day activities. My pain is much more tolerable. The staff is caring and very helpful. Katie, Mark, and Tiffany worked with me most of the time and I highly recommend all 3. Thank you for all of your help"
Apr 13, 2017
"All of the personnel were very courteous, well-trained and helpful. They answered every question I had, modified exercises to meet my particular problem areas and were genuinely concerned about me personally and how they could help me specifically. At the end of my treatment period they gave me printouts of specific exercises that would help continue my progress. I would highly recommend them."
Apr 12, 2017
"It was great. Y'all always take good care of your patients."
Apr 06, 2017
"very pleased with the physical therapist. They were very knowledgeable and kept the family updateed on any personnel concern."
Apr 03, 2017
"The entire staff were attentive of my needs and therapy. It was great seeing Pattie still in charge. She handled my therapy many many years ago and her therapists staff carried on her reputation and therapy work ethics. When I was told that I had graduated and did not have to return for my scheduled therapy, I was happy but at the same time sad, that I would not be seeing the great staff that worked with me."
Mar 24, 2017
"Thank You to all the Professional Therapists for helping me with my rehab. After my neck surgery I was very stiff and protective of my movements until I had the professional care from Patti, Stephanie, Keith and Bridget. Everyone was very caring and diligent to get my life back to normal. With their guidance and encouragement, of stretches and exercise, I can now feel confident to move freely. The entire staff is very professional, friendly and helpful. I will always recommend your great facility and am grateful for your help in restoring my life. 5 STARS!"
Mar 24, 2017
"This is the second time I have watched a loved one receive care here. With the injuries we came in with, it was hard to believe the results we have achieved were possible. But the staff here is wonderful. So professional, but most importantly, always encouraging. As a patient, sometimes it's easy to get discouraged and not be able to see the progress you are making. But these are measurable, life changing results. And the staff has kept us motivated all along the way. Love this place!!"
Mar 24, 2017
"The one on one care of Stephanie and the entire staff was the driving force that made all the difference in my recovery from a total knee replacement. The encouragement made the difference with I thought I could not. When I have my other knee replaced I will return to have Physical Therapy Care help with my recovery."
Mar 22, 2017
"Started going here after shoulder surgery and has been a great experience. Have been to other places and this is by far the best. Everyone is friendly and helpful. Any questions and concerns have been answered."
Mar 09, 2017
"I had a great experience working with the staff at this facility Everyone was professional & very helpful."
Mar 03, 2017
"I had a very good experience with Stephanie. She listened to me and I feel that is why I was able to complete my therapy as fast as I did. I would totally recommend this facility to anyone that needs therapy."
Feb 24, 2017
"From the owner on down, the service is professional and informative.I have a better understanding of what is wrong with my back and what I can do to help myself."
Feb 22, 2017
"Excellent and positive. Could not have been better expierence. Therapist was very caring."
Feb 16, 2017
"I have used Physical Therapy Care many times and have always been treated well and they are very knowledgeable about my problem."
Feb 16, 2017
"very knowlegible therapist. No how and when to push at the right time. I feel much improved. Feel so strong I almost could race and beat Patti up the mountain.But she would not like that at all. Really great staff!"
Feb 10, 2017
"Working with Stephanie was a pleasure, her technique and mannerism gave me confidence that I was accomplishing what I needed to even after I leave. Keith was also an inspiration to push myself."
Jan 23, 2017
"Really great help in getting motion back and some strength."
Dec 27, 2016
"Therapists were professional, supportive, and always encouraging.Sharon was my main therapist and was cheerful and concerned for my overall health. She gave me a list of exercises to continue at home. This will assist me in continuing my success. Thank you to all."
Dec 27, 2016
"Stephanie and Keith were very knowledgeable, courteous and supportive. I appreciate my treatment/sessions here and feel my knee is much improved."
Dec 22, 2016
"I am a senior with several chronic pain issues and de-conditioning. The alternating land and pool sessions helped me. PT Care is a patient-responsive organization. The physical therapists, and technicians were competent, kind, courteous, and helpful.The scheduling, and insurance staff was also excellent. They filed the insurance claims the same day and were effective in getting the insurance company to pay the claims. I highly recommend PT Care for physical therapy. ."
Dec 18, 2016
"Very pleased with the personalized service from Katie. Great job and highly recommended."
Nov 23, 2016
"The staff is very courteous and always have a smile. They converse with you, as if you've known them for a long time. She is so comfortable with this physical therapy care place. When you finish therapy (and sometimes it does hurt), you're like a new person in that you can enjoy the things you could before you came in for help."
Nov 08, 2016
"Professional, knowledgeable, caring, courteous and friendly."
Nov 03, 2016
"Super customer service - everyone was very helpful and explained things. I liked it so much I have transferred to a wellness program here."
Nov 03, 2016
"The care I received was wonderful. I excelled with the personal touch I received from every therapist. I liked that I had a therapist that was watching and listened to everything I did and said."
Nov 03, 2016
"Enjoyed all my therapy sessions and had satisfactory results after every one of them. Thank you to all the therapists. Each one was exceptional in assistance and kindness."
Nov 01, 2016
"I really enjoyed the sessions. All of the therapists and assistants were very professional and knowledgeable of the treatments. I would definitely recommend this facility to others and plan on returning with any future needs."
Oct 24, 2016
"The ease of making an appointment was great and all the staff was very friendly."
Oct 20, 2016
"My son needed physical therapy for an ankle injury. He worked with several therapists at PT Care and all were great. They worked with him to see improvement and then released him after ample improvement was made to do exercises at home, which I appreciated (some places might try to keep you coming for longer than necessary just to keep making money off you). The front office staff were also good in working with scheduling and reminders. I would not hesitate to recommend PT Care!"
Oct 13, 2016
"I had a very good experience with all the people here, they really helped me 100%. I will tell anyone that needs physical therapy to come here. Thanks to all the girls from Bill Durr."
Oct 10, 2016
"Very professional, knowledgeable and friendly team. I'd recommend PT Care to anyone looking for physical therapy."
Sep 21, 2016
"These guys are great. I arrive with such pain in my shoulder and couldn't hardly move. They're compassionate and help work through the pain. Multiple therapist worked with me and all were great. Also, worked with me on scheduling, which is a huge plus. Should I ever need physical therapy, I'd definitely go back to this place."
Sep 13, 2016
"The staff at Physical Therapy Care was very professional. I had a great experience and feel that they were the reason I progressed through my therapy."
Aug 29, 2016
"Enjoyed all, but the pool was the best."
Aug 29, 2016
"I was suffering from an impinged nerve in my shoulder and was having lots of pain. I came to Physical Therapy Care in Fulshear for help. After 6 weeks of therapy, PT Laura and PT assistant Tiffany had me pain free! Laura was so knowledgeable, patient, and always answered any question or concern I ever had. She also gave me many exercises to do at home to strengthen my shoulder. The office staff is also very professional. I definitely recommend Physical Therapy to anyone needing physical therapy."
Aug 24, 2016
"Time here has been beneficial and very much helping my neck. Treated really well!"
Aug 19, 2016
"Provided extremely highly attentive care. Spent extra time coaching on process and procedures and answering all the questions that I had. The PT work has significantly increased my shoulder strength and range of motion and made great progress in repairing my nerve damage. Great Job!"
Aug 18, 2016
"Personal care and friendliness were great. I would come again and recommend highly!"
Aug 17, 2016
"Staff was very professional and courteous. It has kept me from having to have surgery on my neck. All the exercises helped the pain tremendously. I would highly recommend this before any surgery."
Aug 15, 2016
"Therapist did great job with my son. Very nice people."
Aug 15, 2016
"Remarkable group of therapists. Positive re-enforcement at all levels. Comfortable, friendly atmosphere. Each person seemed to care that I moved forward at the appropriate time. Could not ask for better care."
Aug 12, 2016
"I've gone to other PT Facilities, but they could not compare to this one, I'm in such better shape than I was 6 weeks ago. The professionalism is excellent. All of the therapists are excellent; however, I would rate Stephanie as the best. I would recommend this facility to anyone. Love this pace."
Aug 11, 2016
"Excellent staff who provide custom PT care. I am leaving with much less pain and a sense of optimism about having a plan to stay pain-free."
Aug 10, 2016
"I had shoulder surgery on March 22, 2016 and i thought it was going to be forever until i could return to my regular activity. FBPT did a wonderful job of rebuilding my strength and stability. I got all my motion and a lot of strength much faster than i thought. They made clear the path we would be taking on my rehab and the impact that each exercise would have and why we were doing them, loved that. Also, FBPT did a terrific job of making me comfortable in the environment. From the very first day i felt like I had been coming to them for a year."
Aug 09, 2016
"I worked with 5 different therapists and assistants, and each was professional, friendly, and seemed truly concerned about my needs. Their sole desire was to help me improve and return to work, but at an appropriate pace to remain effective, but not allow me to over do it. Kate, Jan, Mary, Keith and Megan; thank you all!"
Aug 09, 2016
"The staff knows everyone by name, are professional and helpful. They have done the maximum to help me as much as my condition allows. While the pool is small, the staff makes most of the facility. A bug plus is the pool's salinity."
Aug 05, 2016
"I had a great experience with the staff here, and they went above and beyond to try and assist in my recovery process."
Aug 04, 2016
"This facility is very clean, staff were very nice, competent and very dedicated in their profession. Hope I find one in California. Thank you very much to all the staff and Ms. Pattie. Keep up the good work. We need people like you to take care of us and get us back in track."
Aug 03, 2016
"The staff was very courteous and helpful. I enjoyed my treatments even when it was painful. Stephanie was great. Everyone was very good."
Jul 29, 2016
"The staff was very courteous and helpful. I enjoyed my treatments even when it was painful. Stephanie was great. Everyone there was very good."
Jul 27, 2016
"Everything was great. Excellent front desk, techs, & PT's. All very cordial."
Jul 20, 2016
"Great experience! Helped a great deal in my knee recovery. All the therapists were great and very professional! I would recommend this facility to anyone! I hope I don't need your services in the future."
Jul 11, 2016
"Patti did a very thorough evaluation. Keith, Stephanie and Megan were my therapists. They were extremely pleasant to work with. Megan gave me instructions and gave me print outs of exercises I could do at home, and Stephanie did my out evaluation. I was very pleased with the service I received."
Jul 06, 2016
"I truly recommend others to come for water therapy at this facility. They have helped me so much. I want to thank each and everyone because you have helped me so much."
Jul 05, 2016
"I am so grateful for PT Care and Aquatic Rehab. They are giving me a second chance to regain strength and get my life back in oder. I knew that this facility was the best. My husband had such improvement with the water therapy. And especially the care and concern. My pain doctor said it would benefit me greatly. I have great respect and praise for my therapists. They not only have care and concern for all their patients but also the knowledge in their field and are always on top of their game. Thank you!"
Jul 05, 2016
"Wonderful, caring, and professional in all ways. I could not have asked for anything more."
Jul 05, 2016
"Everyone was very nice to work with and the therapy made me feel much better"
Jun 28, 2016
"I would recommend this physical therapy to everyone. They are skilled, compassionate, and friendly. I have made progress under their care and now know what I need to do to continue my self-care."
Jun 22, 2016
"I recently had a full knee replacement and chose to come to Physical Therapy Care after hearing many positive comments from friends and family. I have not been disappointed. My therapists have been Stephanie, Megan, and Keith. I have been very impressed by their professionalism and genuine caring attitude. I feel like I am part of a very functional family and that my progress is important to them. Every single employee that I have interacted with has been top notch. From the moment I walk in to register until the moment I leave, I am impressed by each person who is a part of this facility. I like how everyone explains things thoroughly and with vocabulary I can understand. I am confident that with continued therapy, they will keep pushing me so that I will make a complete recovery. I highly recommend PTC to anyone who needs therapy."
Jun 20, 2016
"I have had a few body parts repaired or replaced and issues with others so I have been to several different physical therapy facilities. This go round has been a right hip replacement. Physical Therapy Care & Aquatic Rehab has a highly competent and professional staff that has been a tremendous help in getting me back to work and back into a regular lifestyle. The facility is first class equaling the best that I have seen and better than most. I feel the added dimension of aquatic therapy was very beneficial in speeding up the recovery process. I highly recommend them. They provide excellent care."
Jun 20, 2016
"I spent three months with Physical Therapy Care after my shoulder surgery in March, 2016. During the three months, I received therapy from Stephanie, Sharon, and Keith. At this point, I have my full range of motion and am on the way to full use of my shoulder. My therapy was always professional and complete. I would highly recommend Physical Therapy Care!"
Jun 18, 2016
"My son, Sam, has special needs and can be a very trying patient. Kate has maintained such a positive attitude over the years she has seen him and has truly made a difference in his life. There is no doubt in my mind that it is from her work with him that he is now able to walk independently instead of using a walker. We truly appreciate her hard work and dedication as well as the superior therapy environment PTC offers."
Jun 01, 2016
"Ms. Kate is very professional at what she does. She has the understanding and patience to work with Matthew. my wife and i are very pleased to have Kate as Matthew therapist and believe Matthew has crossed bridges with the work she has done with him."
Jun 01, 2016
"The staff is kind and supportive. They are always ready to listen and adjust treatment as needed to resolve the issues I came in with. I am left with paper work including pictures and descriptions to continue therapy at home thus saving me money and continuing my treatment once exiting the program."
Jun 01, 2016
"Best PT ever!"
May 27, 2016
"Awesome, Enthusiastic, Caring, Professional......Thank you all @ PT Care."
May 25, 2016
From Google
"I love the staff at FBPT especially Stacy! After 2 hip procedures and 1 knee, all 9 months in between each one, I did not hesitate in returning to see the friendly faces here. Stacy and her techs always take their time with each patient and genuinely care about them. I have always left feeling stronger than I was before. I HIGHLY recommend FBPT!"
May 25, 2016
"Awesome. I am so happy with my recovery. I got more than I was expecting from my therapy. A BIG THANK YOU for all your help in getting me back to my life with out any problem."
May 25, 2016
"Absolutely LOVED coming here. Stacy & her staff were so friendly and made me always feels so welcomed and so important as a patient. Stacy was always PRESENT to me - I always felt special as a patient."
May 23, 2016
"I had rotater cuff surgery in Jan of this year; came here for rehab 4 days later until today. I am finished with "coming in for therapy" and have achieved 95% recovery Halleluja/!!!! Therapists were excellent each in their own way, they listened to my feedback and changed things when needed, were able to accommodate my crazy schedule and still provide therapy I needed!. I am so grateful for the excellent care and consideration I received during my recovery. Thank You!"
May 02, 2016
"My therapist Stephanie was very courteous and helped me with all my exercises, she was very easy to understand and very nice and easy to talk to. If I have to come back again I would want her to help me again, I give Stephanie an A+!"
Apr 20, 2016
"Love the attention and desire to help. Stephanie is extreme good."
Apr 19, 2016
"I came to Physical Therapy Care in a wheelchair; started my therapy in a lot of pain as well as having a very difficult time moving around. The exercises were difficult, but with the help of the therapists, and my own determination everything got easier. I was freed from the wheelchair to a rollater, my strength increased greatly doing more exercises that were more difficult than in the beginning. I began therapy in November 2015, and now in April 2016 after much hard work and much creativity from the therapists, I am graduating, being released from therapy care. While this is normally a great thing for most people; I find it to be bittersweet. I am someone who likes to work out, most people don't. I've grown accustomed to the therapists at Physical Therapy Care, their friendliness not only with me, but just watching them all with other clients has been a joy and a pleasure for me to be associated with. Would I recommend Physical Therapy Care? Absolutely, wholehearted most definitely; their attitude is great. Another benefit to using Physical Therapy Care is that you are away and apart from the mega-hospital centers where everything operates in a less friendly manner. Go to Physical Therapy Care, you won't be disappointed at all."
Apr 13, 2016
"The staff is incredibly friendly and works well with each patient individually providing quality care. They truly live up to their motto of "Quality patient care with a personal touch". The teamwork of the staff is also amazing. There is no hesitation when help is needed. They maintain an excellent attitude, and a humorous and safe environment in the process. I am also very impressed with the spectrum of patients and injuries they treat! The pool is awesome too! I have to personally thank the staff members who provided my care...Patty, Megan, Keith, and Mary. Thank you for everything! I would definitely recommend Physical Therapy Care of Fort Bend to anyone who needed physical therapy."
Apr 13, 2016
"Oh my goodness. I wish I had been referred sooner for pt. It is so wonderful to walk better and get stronger after every visit. All of the staff are positive and supportive. Waiting in the lobby everyone leaves with a smile on their face. It feels so good when you arrive. Sharon found my need for my shoes and it made all of the difference!!!! I will be sorry when my approved visits end. I have already started recommending PT Care to everyone I know."
Mar 24, 2016
"I have been coming to Physical Therapy Care for over 4 weeks and in this time period I have met and worked with different therapist (Megan, Keith, Stephanie, and Laura) They are all very caring, helpful, and professional. I was nervous coming to therapy at first as I wasn't sure what to expect, but the team at Physical Therapy Care has made this experience one I will never forget."
Mar 17, 2016
"I was involved in a car accident in July. Thanks to the care of the therapists at the Richmond location, most especially, Stephanie, I am almost ready to resume my normal schedule. Stephanie's work with me has been strenuous but necessary. She's always willing to try new ways to help me achieve my goals. I have never regretted my decision to use Physical Therapy Care. I would highly recommend them."
Mar 03, 2016
"I had right shoulder replacement on November 20,2015. I received Aquatic Therapy and Physical Therapy. Stephanie was my primary Therapist and did a great job. She was easy to talk to and understand to what needed to be done..She was knowledgeable about her job. The other therapists did an outstanding job also. The whole staff is very friendly."
Feb 25, 2016
"I had total knee replacement in December, 2015. I had surgery on a Tuesday, came to PT Care 3 days later on that Friday, and attended therapy 3 days a week until today. I am now 11 weeks post-op. Thanks to the diligent care of my therapist Stephanie, I have resumed my daily schedule. Stephanie's work with me was very professional and caring. I always felt that I had her complete personal attention, and she coaxed me to meet my goals with tough love. I looked forward to therapy because I knew Stephanie was pushing me to resume my normal life as soon as possible. This professional attitude pervades the entire PT Care clinic. The office staff, the aides, and ALL the therapists approach each client with a family-like concern and dedication. They made my rehab a wonderful experience. Everyone greeted me with a smile every time. My therapist Stephanie truly gave me tough but tender loving care. I would recommend Physical Therapy Care to anyone seeking competent, professional, and dedicated rehabilitation."
Feb 24, 2016
"This was my second time coming to this facility for physical therapy and the experience was another great one. The therapists are very knowledgeable and caring and I came away stronger and with less pain. I know my issues are ones that will not go away and that I will have to work at this to stay pain free. I'm excited that their Wellness Program is so affordable. Love the salt water pool. The Aquatic Rehab in the deep end of the pool totally relieved my back pain! I intend to continue with my program on my own utilizing the Wellness Program. I recommend this facility to anyone who is hurting."
Feb 23, 2016
"I recently had total knee replacement and required physical therapy. Physical therapy care and aquatics is wonderful. The entire staff is so friendly and helpful. My physical therapist, Stacy, has been incredible. She is very knowledgeable and has such a great demeanor with all her clients. And the PT assistants, Leann and Andrea, are awesome. Christy, who handles the scheduling and insurance is wonderful. She always calls the day before to remind of your appointment and you also receive an email reminder. Never forgot an appointment! I just can't say enough about the entire staff. And the faculty itself is so nice and clean. I would highly recommend Physical Therapy Care and Aquatics Katy/fulshear clinic. I recently completed my physical therapy and will miss seeing everyone's smiling faces."
Feb 19, 2016
From Google
"I recently had total knee replacement and required physical therapy. Physical therapy care and aquatics is wonderful. The entire staff is so friendly and helpful. My physical therapist, Stacy, has been incredible. She is very knowledgeable and has such a great demeanor with all her clients. And the PT assistants, Leann and Andrea, are awesome. Christy, who handles the scheduling and insurance is wonderful. She always calls the day before to remind of your appointment and you also receive an email reminder. Never forgot an appointment! I just can't say enough about the entire staff. And the faculty itself is so nice and clean. I would highly recommend Physical Therapy Care and Aquatics Katy/Fulshear clinic. I recently completed my physical therapy and will miss seeing everyone's smiling faces."
Feb 19, 2016
"Staff is great!!"
Feb 19, 2016
"The best place to receive any kind of physical therapy for whatever ails you. Everyone is very professional, positive, and an upbeat atmosphere to recover. I don't have one negative comment and only praise for everyone."
Feb 17, 2016
"For the past three months I have been receiving aquatic and land physical therapy at Physical Therapy Care and Aquatic Rehab of Fort Bend, after major back surgery. I have been so pleased with my progress under the very well-trained, professional, and caring therapists here. They always make sure I'm doing the exercises correctly and are constantly evaluating my progress to make sure my back and my core are getting stronger. This is the best PT facility I've ever been to, so efficient and thorough. I am stronger and in much less pain because of their guidance. It's a great place that I recommend to anyone needing physical therapy care!"
Feb 15, 2016
"Physical therapy has been a great to me, I want to say a special thank you to Laura and Mary they have been great help."
Jan 28, 2016
"I would not go anywhere else for physical therapy. They were great. Very caring and professional."
Jan 22, 2016
"My appointments with Physical Therapy Care(Fort Bend) opened a world of pain relief as well as an avenue for strengthening skills for the future. Each visit I could learn a daily routine which I could develop or learn to adapt in my routine (in order to feel better). I learned how some methods of accomplishing my days" goal needed to change. My care was the top priority of my therapist, and that in itself gave me the boost to strive for my goal, pain free days."
Jan 20, 2016
"Going to physical therapy here is a very good everyone is great."
Jan 20, 2016
"I had hip issues years ago when Patti was working in a clinic for someone else. I had a great experience at that time. Then I had shoulder issues and came back, by then Patti had opened up her own clinic. I was again cared for in a great way. Now, I have a foot issue and here I am again. I feel like every time I came to have physical therapy throughout my three therapy issues, the staff treated my needs in every way possible. I actually enjoyed coming to therapy, even though it sometimes was uncomfortable, and visiting with everybody. My hats off to a wonderful group of people!!!"
Jan 07, 2016
"Great people who really care about getting you back to your normal life. They knew my name each and every time! Friendly environment! If I had to do it all again, I would select this again!! Can't say enough good!!"
Jan 04, 2016
"Very nice staff & crew. I would definetly come back."
Dec 23, 2015
"Patti and her team of therapist's have taken John under their wing and God has allowed him to soar. His determination and faith in God, with his therapist's ability to have him work until it drives him to continue working at home are moments that I shall always be eternally grateful. Mrs. Marlin, John loves and respects you for the tough cookie that you are. To each and everyone whom has had the pleasure of working with John, from the bottom of my heart, I applaud you all. Always Nanny."
Dec 14, 2015
"Very friendly and helpful people. The front office was very good and helpful when I had to reschedule many times! I would highly recommend this clinic and have already referred friends here!"
Dec 11, 2015
"Christy was the first person I talked to and she was so very helpful, considerate and kind in helping out with our insurance. I worked with therapist Stacey,who was knowledgeable and gentle in working with me. I would recommend this therapy care facility to anyone needing PT."
Dec 10, 2015
"I was pleased with the results of two plus month of therapy. I feel stronger and my balance has improved. I have been given some exercises that I can continue at home so I won't lose the gain I've made. Thank you to the excellent therapists who have encouraged me."
Dec 10, 2015
"My mom has been receiving physical therapy for about two weeks. In that time period I have seen much improvement in her walking. She has shuffled her feet for a long time. During this two week period of time I have seen her go from shuffling to taking steps."
Dec 09, 2015
"I had a wonderful session with Stephanie. The education was also beneficial for future life experiences and work habits."
Dec 09, 2015
"I have come a long way with my physical therapy and have been so pleased to have had Stephanie work with me. I would give my friends a good word about this location."
Dec 09, 2015
"From the moment I arrived to the moment I left I was tended to very well. I highly recommend Physical Therapy care. From the receptionist to the therapists and techs, everyone was very attentive."
Dec 07, 2015
"The therapists at this facility took great care in working with my 90-year old mother. Staff is professional and always punctual. The facility does have some limitations in restrooms and private changing areas, particularly after aquatic exercises, which causes lengthy wait times. Good experience overall. I would use this facility again."
Dec 07, 2015
"Thank you to the entire staff. They were professional and and caring to each and every patient. My therapist was superb, she showed me how to do exercises in the water that would help me strengthen my knee and give me more endurance. If I come back I'd like to see the same therapist!"
Dec 03, 2015
"Very professional good job"
Dec 03, 2015
"very good"
Nov 24, 2015
"Jen has been fantastic. I appreciate all the effort and knowledge she shares of my issues."
Nov 13, 2015
"Very good experience. Was pushed but well within my ability. Will come again when needed. Thanks to Keith and Larah."
Nov 11, 2015
"knowledgable,kind staff w"
Nov 11, 2015
"it was a wonderful experience, as my ankle improved and all of the staff are so friendly and courteous and also very professional."
Nov 10, 2015
"Very good experience!"
Nov 09, 2015
"I feel I have gotten excellent training and instruction to help me with specific exercises to strengthen my back and legs and alleviate my back pain. I have appreciated the individualized treatment and the professionalism of Patti and her staff. They are the best! I highly recommend Physical Therapy Care & Aquatic Rehab."
Nov 05, 2015
"Thrilled with everyone...Patty & Keith are tops!"
Oct 27, 2015
"Eight years ago when my husband experienced a massive brain bleed I was told he would never be able to sit up, move his left side, stand or ever walk again. When he became medically stable, we put him in a wheelchair and started him in therapy at PT Care. From day one Pattie said to me, "He's going to walk again." Each year, as the insurance allowed, I brought him back to Pattie and her staff. When the insurance was exhausted, we would continue to work at home with him mocking the exercises the PT Care staff taught us. When we would qualified for more therapy, back we would come to PT Care. We have continued to see progress each time. Not once did any of the PT Care staff say to me in eight years, he can't do it. Today, my husband took his first steps in eight years using a walker, Pattie cheering him on in tears and two other staff members ensuring his safety. There are not enough stars on this review to give a true picture of the dedication, knowledge and caring we continue to receive at PT Care & Aquatic Rehab of Fort Bend. "
Oct 21, 2015
From Google
"The best physical therapy care I have ever received. Very professional staff. Excellent care. Thank you:)"
Oct 21, 2015
"I have had a good experience at PT... The staff is friendly and helpful."
Oct 21, 2015
"Eight years ago when my husband experienced a massive brain bleed I was told he would never be able to sit up, move his left side, stand or ever walk again. When he became medically stable, we put him in a wheelchair and started him in therapy at PT Care. From day one Patti said to me, "He's going to walk again." Each year, as the insurance allowed, I brought him back to Patti and her staff. When the insurance was exhausted, we would continue to work at home with him mocking the exercises the PT Care staff taught us. When we qualified for more therapy, back we would come to PT Care. We ha"
Oct 21, 2015
"Greatest Staff ever! They work together to help their patients over all improvements happen. At this Clinic you are not just a number! SH"
Oct 16, 2015
"Always enjoy our experience!"
Oct 15, 2015
"I've worked with the practice owners for years helping them out with their technology. Patti and her staff are really nice and I really recommend them."
Sep 23, 2015
"I've worked with the practice owners for years helping them out with their technology. Patti and her staff are really nice and I really recommend them."
Sep 15, 2015
From Google
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