Aquatic Therapy

This low-impact form of physical therapy is particularly helpful for people experiencing knee, foot and back issues. Our therapists join our patients in the pool, helping them to gain flexibility and strength. The buoyancy of the water supports the weight on joints and bones and the resistance of the water strengthens the muscles. When submerged in the heated pool, the water pressure helps to reduce swelling and assists patients in becoming aware of their body's positioning and alignment.

Our heated in-ground, indoor pool includes a hydraulic chair lift for easy in and out, built in benches, spa jets, an exercise bar and a deep and shallow end. The clinic also offers a changing facility.

  • "Thank you for the professional manner by which you all treated me during my rehab. Each and every one of you made me feel as though I was the only patient you had. The personal concern and empathy certainly helped make an arduous experience, one I would look forward to each week."


  • "Thank you ALL for everything: helpful, friendly, joyful and always up for a good laugh."