You Listened to Me

I came into physical therapy with pain and reduced mobility from an ankle injury. I had been through physical therapy at a different facility and didn’t have much hope that this facility would be different.

All of the staff here are wonderful! Just the attitudes of everyone here helped me to deal with the pain of getting my ankle to move as it should. The care here is truly one-on-one and personalized. I didn’t feel like just another day’s patient, I felt like I was listened to and felt that my input was welcomed and my complaints were addressed. When my pain was worse I was told how to deal with the restraint that my ankle caused in daily life.

Today, I feel better overall. My ankle is more comfortable for standing, walking and life in general. I had pain in my back, hip and knee because of my weird way of walking, but that has all gone away. I just can’t say thanks enough to everyone here for paying attention and taking the time to actually explain what was happening in my ankle. I will definitely be telling anyone and everyone I know that this is a wonderful place to get physical therapy.

Thanks to everyone.